wayfarer bread crystal white

Wayfarer Bread is located in the seaside San Diego neighborhood of Bird Rock. In addition to our brick and mortar, you can find our products at select locations around town, listed below. For updates on our progress as well as pictures of our daily menu, follow us on Instagram or Facebook (links below)

Wayfarer Bread is a small neighborhood bakery focused on selling naturally fermented breads hot and fresh, directly to the community. Though primarily a bread bakery, Wayfarer also provides pastries and sandwiches on fresh bread in the afternoon.

Always made in small batches.

Always with highest quality locally sourced ingredients.

Always fresh.

Wayfarer Bread is Crystal White. Crystal grew up in Napa, CA surrounded by world-class food and hospitality. She determined from a young age that baking was her calling. For 16 years she has worked her way through kitchens, honing her skills and narrowing her focus. In 2010 she co-founded and managed Proof Bakery in Los Angeles, Calif. Most recently she worked her way up through the bread department at the world-renowned Tartine Bakery in San Francisco. The culmination of this experience has prepared her to launch a concept of her own.

Where to find our products:

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